Social Media Guidelines

Tropicana Entertainment is committed to delivering MORE fun, value and variety to guests and visitors. We invite you to join the fun and interact with us and other guests on our social media sites about all things Tropicana! We want this to be a fun, welcoming and helpful community for everyone.

We encourage you to share your comments, questions, suggestions and experiences with us and each other. Prior to posting, we ask that you read the following to help us keep this a positive community.

Your submission of any content to Lumière Place Casino & Hotel’s social media sites, including, but not limited to post, comments, photos, links, etc. are public and not private communications. Therefore, by submitting any content to Lumière Place Casino & Hotel’s social media sites, you acknowledge and agree that this information is publicly available and can be read by others. We recommend that you avoid posting or otherwise disseminating any personally identifiable information.

You also acknowledge and agree that by submitting any content to Lumière Place Casino & Hotel’s social media sites, you automatically grant Lumière Place Casino & Hotel a free license to use, reproduce, publish and otherwise disseminate the information you submit in any manner deemed appropriate by Lumière Place Casino & Hotels. This may include publishing your posts in websites, social media, press/marketing materials and any other communications and publications. Therefore, if you do not wish to have your information used and published, please do not post the information.

Lumière Place Casino & Hotel reserves the ultimate right to edit or delete any comments or content which, in Lumière Place Casino & Hotel’s sole and absolute discretion, are deemed inappropriate. The following types of comments or content will be deleted or hidden by our administrators:

– Comments that violate the privacy of our guests and their families

– Photos or video that are potentially damaging of or embarrassing to a guest (e.g. visibly intoxicated and/or obscene)
– Off-topic and redundant comments (e.g., intending to sell or promote products, programs, or services not related to or affiliated with Lumière Place Casino & Hotels)
– Abusive or hurtful comments
– Comments that use foul language or “hate speech” (racial, ethnic or gender-bashing language)
– Personal attacks, defamatory comments or threats (i.e., making negative personal comments about a fellow commenter) instead of just expressing a difference of opinion
– Comments that our Social Media Team, in their sole and absolute discretion, deem inappropriate or offensive

Again, please do not include any personally identifiable information that you wish to remain confidential in any of your comments or submissions. If you have questions regarding your Trop Advantage account or room reservation, please call 1-877-450-7711 to be directed to the person who can best support your needs.

Lumière Place Casino & Hotels further reserves the absolute right to ban from its social media sites, any visitors who repeatedly submit inappropriate content.

The opinions expressed on the Lumière Place Casino & Hotels social media sites represent the thoughts of the individual commenters, and not necessarily those of Lumière Place Casino & Hotels .

NOTE: Lumière Place staff monitors its social media sites during regular business hours, Monday – Friday. We may not see or respond to every post immediately. If you have a question that requires an immediate reply, please call 1-877-450-7711. For frequently asked questions, please visit

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