Picture of burger and fries

Burger Bar

Hours of Operation

Sunday - Thursday 11am-9pm
Friday & Saturday 11am - 11pm

Whether you’re looking for that a classic, burger & fries, a fish 'n chips dinner, a delicious chicken sandwich or so much more, look no further. 
This quick-service, fast-casual dining experience is guaranteed to leave you satisfied. Order, eat, then get back on your feet!


Our signature fresh and never frozen 8 ounce burger is a 80/20 blend of beef brisket and chuck, seasoned perfectly, and char-grilled to a medium-well temperature. Our soft and delicious custom baked split-top potato bun is the perfect partner to enjoy our juicy burgers. Our burgers will create a special memory of where you enjoyed it. Thank You for Visiting Us…Bring Back a Friend!

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